Yoruba Nation Broadcasting Service

Dear Sirs/mas, 

We wish to inform the Yoruba Public that we stopped using the following Bank account since May 2022.

Account Name: Yoruba Nation Global Directorate

Bankers: TIDE

 ACCT NO: 145-053-25

*SORT CODE: 04-06-05

And the balance thereof was promptly transferred to our new Bank account.

We respectfully ask that money should not be donated to us anymore through the aforementioned account.

Furthermore, we kindly ask that you contact your banks and check your Bank statements in order to be able to ascertain if money were deducted from your bank which may not have been paid into the Directorate’s old Bank account.

Finally, following a very wise advise, we stopped displaying our Bank details publicly.

 We promise to continue our monthly update of our finances to our members through their dedicated email addresses. 

And to also grant access for inspection of our yearly financial record once it has been examined by an independent professional person.

We now kindly plead with our donors to make donations via our website.  

And in case of any challenges please contact our Secretariat for assistance.

Thanking you for your understanding.